Friday, August 20, 2010

Is hearing emails safer than reading?

The prominence of mobile phones has lead to some inadvertent and dangerous effects. Now everybody is aware of the fact that the usage of mobile phones is connected to a considerable raise in distracted driving ensuing in lots of injuries and loss of lives.

Emails which are considered as the most prominent aspect of communication have come out as a menace for safe driving. Being the easiest and cheapest way for updating society relations, people send and read emails very frequently and they seem to forget that they are doing much more important task like driving which demands a lot of concentration.

Texting while driving has become a serious issue not only for the administration of US but also for the people who are concerned for the security of their loved ones. Everybody is making his efforts to prevent the youngsters from using the mobile phones while driving. Some have sent their children for training classes to teach them the hazardous effects of TWD and many have brought hands-free devices for their youngsters.

If you are also looking for a hands-free device to secure the life of your loved one, is just for you. It is a free mobile app by which one can hear email while driving and moreover it can be downloaded easily onto the phone.

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