Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can one save time by hearing emails?

Mobile phones have become the necessity in today’s busy life. Not only in professional life, these gadgets play an important role in updating society relations. Now, everybody is so busy in his life that he rarely can save time for society dealings and here comes the importance of these phones as a person can communicate with others either by texting or talking.

There is no second thought that time is the vital aspect in our lives and a person cannot waste it simply. It takes a lot of time to check or type emails and if you would have an option to read or send them without spending much time, it would be best. And in case if you are driving, texting while driving can lead to much more problems. It distracts your concentration which eventually leads to road crashes. Although there are many reasons of distracted driving, TWD is considered as a main cause. has come up with a new mobile app by which you can easily hear emails while driving and thus you can acquire the best through your cell phone. As it is a hands-free app, you do not need to touch your phone while communicating.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is hearing emails safer than reading?

The prominence of mobile phones has lead to some inadvertent and dangerous effects. Now everybody is aware of the fact that the usage of mobile phones is connected to a considerable raise in distracted driving ensuing in lots of injuries and loss of lives.

Emails which are considered as the most prominent aspect of communication have come out as a menace for safe driving. Being the easiest and cheapest way for updating society relations, people send and read emails very frequently and they seem to forget that they are doing much more important task like driving which demands a lot of concentration.

Texting while driving has become a serious issue not only for the administration of US but also for the people who are concerned for the security of their loved ones. Everybody is making his efforts to prevent the youngsters from using the mobile phones while driving. Some have sent their children for training classes to teach them the hazardous effects of TWD and many have brought hands-free devices for their youngsters.

If you are also looking for a hands-free device to secure the life of your loved one, is just for you. It is a free mobile app by which one can hear email while driving and moreover it can be downloaded easily onto the phone.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How is hearing emails better than reading?

Do you constantly send and receive emails while driving? Are you one of them who can’t reside without communication? Are you aware of the risks of texting while driving? If your answer for all of the above questions is yes, then why do you do this? Boredom or do you want to save time by handling messages while driving? Now, it has become a habit of many people to make use of driving time either for talking or texting.

TWD has been prohibited by many states of US either partially or fully. A few states had fully banned this practice while most of them allow hands-free devices to use for communication while behind the wheel. Since these devices allow the driver to put his hands firmly on the controls and eyes on road, they provide obvious safety to the driver.
If you are one of them who want to communicate while driving with perfect safety precautions,  is just for you. It is a free mobile app which has developed to keep the safety measures in mind. You can easily download it onto your mobile phone and can hear emails while driving. Moreover, it is so light in weight that it won’t slow down your phone battery.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It is advisable to hear emails while driving

Most of the US states have recently imposed bans on the use of cell phones while driving. As the statistics reveal that drivers who text while driving are six times more prone to meet an accident than the drunk drivers. The text messages either sms or emails which are the popular means of communication are turned into a very dangerous issue which can’t be ignored.

Texting while driving comes with many hazardous effects as the attention of the driver is repeatedly sidetracked during reading or sending messages. The concentration of his eyes and hands is also diverted as they became busy in reading and typing messages. Texting needs most of the people to wholly detonate their eyes of the road whereas they stare at the messages and the keys to press to reply.

However, hands-free devices allow the driver to call, text with speech commands. These devices appeared as a very innovative solution to the dilemma of texting while driving. Hands-free access is simple, safe and moreover cost-effective. is such kind of application that doesn’t need the communicator to touch his phone while communicating. It allows you to hear emails while drivingwithout any security problems. What’s more, it is safe and it will handle all your messages and reply to them through pregenerated messages.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why is hearing emails safer than reading?

Cell phones have turned into such an integral part of our everyday lives that we cannot even think of living without them. Sometimes it wonders how we spent a big part of our lives without them. It has not been such a long time when the cell phones were entered into the market but now everyone seems being habitual of using them.
The main concern is that are cell phones harmful to our lives? Are they responsible for spreading insecurity to our lives? Well, if they are to be used with appropriate rules, there are a lot of benefits of them but they can be hazardous if they are not used with proper care.
Texting either in the form of SMS or emails is another important and very famous feature of mobile phones. But it appeared as a big problem in the shape of texting while driving. It seems that people just forget about what they are doing and involve in reading or sending sms whenever they hit on the phone. It leads to distracted driving which is a major cause of many fatal accidents.
However, now you do not need to worry as has been launched as a solution to all these problems. By this, you can hear email while driving or doing some other important work and thus you can concentrate on your primary work.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Now you don’t have to miss your messages for the sake of safe driving

It is not a recently known fact that texting while driving is a bad behavior. However, recently released information reveals how dangerous this behavior could be. A survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance group on 900 youngsters from above 26 schools countrywide reveals that approximately 37% students find texting while driving to be extremely distracting.
Taking into consideration these statistics, many states of US had banned the use of hands-held devices while driving. However, use of hands-free devices is acceptable. So, if you can talk or send messages without distracting your vision or hands, it is acceptable.
Nowadays when everyone is juggling with his busy schedule, it becomes very important to communicate with the people through these mobile phones. If you can’t stop yourself from communicating while driving make it safer by an application called It is a free mobile app that lets you hear email while driving to make your drive safer. It will read out your messages aloud and respond to them. What you would have to do is to store some pregenerated messages in it so that the app can respond through these messages to the senders. What’s more, this lightweight app would not slow down your phone battery.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What is better- Hearing email or reading it?

Now since the US administration is thinking to ban the use of mobile phones while driving, it would be a history that you receive a phone call or send a sms/email while driving. However for the people who use hands free devices while driving, the checking of texting while driving will not happen.

The laws are made to ban texting while driving and it is the responsibility of everyone to obey these laws for the sake of our and others lives. Although the laws restrict to texting only when a person is driving but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use hands-free app every time you communicate.

If anyone tells you that with the help of an app you can hear email how would you react? Yes, has launched a free mobile app through which anyone can hear emails while driving or doing some other work. This application is not only useful for safe driving yet it can be used as a time saving tool. While hearing messages you can definitely do some important work alongside. Moreover, it can be easily downloaded onto your phone. What’s more, it is a lightweight app that doesn’t slow down your phone battery.